About Us and Our Mission

The Stanford OHS Neuroscience Club is a group of students that share the common interest of learning about the brain. The Neuroscience Club is geared towards preparing students for the Brain Bee, an international competition where students take an exam about the brain's anatomy and physiology. We will learn about cognition, senses, movement and exercise, sleep, and even how we learn in in the first place! We also discuss how complications can arise in our brains and the neurological effects of foreign substances, such as psychoactive drugs, on us and our behavior.

Our Team and Mentors

Our group is led by a number of outstanding students and phenomenal mentors:

Shivek Narang

Shivek Narang is a senior at Stanford OHS living in the Bay Area California. In addition to serving as President of the OHS Neuroscience club, he is fascinated by the complexities of neurodegenerative disorders, and the developmental changes that occur during adolescence. He is also a TA and peer tutor at OHS, and is running the Ted-Ed, and OHS Leadership and Activism clubs while serving as a stories editor for the Pixel Journal. In his free time, Shivek loves to skateboard and play basketball.

Arhan Surapaneni

My name is Arhan Surapaneni, and I am currently a sophomore at Stanford Online High School. Other than cognitive neuroscience, I love to research topics like gene editing and hemodynamics, and on my off time I spend time baking and playing with my tortoise.

Upcoming and Past Events

As a prolificly-led Stanford OHS club, OHS Neuroscience hosts a number of events, many seasonal.

Stanford OHS Neuroscience Blog

We also have a frequently-updated blog! Here, you can browse the presentations from our weekly meetings.

Chapter 0: Welcome to OHS Neuroscience Club!

Chapter 1: Brain Basics

Chapter 2: Sensation and Perception

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Club Sponsor, Dr. Kristina Vetter, or our Club Leader, Shivek Narang, at or, respectively.